Day 6 – Assistive Technology – Big Keys Keyboard Example


Assistive technology (AT) is all kinds of things that help people do stuff. It ranges from eyeglasses to speech recognition software, from eye tracking devices to spell checkers. For a short video introduction see Understanding Assistive Technology. This post is for giving an example of one such AT – the big keys keyboard.

Big Keys Keyboard Example

One type of assistive technology I like is the simple keyboard with big keys. It has features that are helpful for people with different abilities.


  1. Fewer keys makes it easier to focus.
  2. Use of colors for different key types like for vowels or numbers make it easier to get around.
  3. ABC ordered keyboard makes it easy to find the key for new users of keyboard.


  1. Big keys make it easier to hit individual key.
  2. The keyboard protector makes it even easier to prevent hitting multiple keys at a time.
  3. Strong material keeps the keyboard from breaking.


  1. Big keys are easier to see.
  2. High contrast colored buttons are available.

The following video introduces one such keyboard (it’s just an example, not trying to endorse any specific vendor).