30 Days of Accessibility Testing – My Challenge Journal 

Hi all,

I am very excited about the new 30 Days of Accessibility Testing Challenge. First of all because I am very passionate about the web accessibility and I think it’s great that testers will learn more about it. Second reason is that I contributed to the creation of this challenge. The interesting thing is that I still plan on participating and learning new things during this month. The two ways I see that I can learn are:

  1. Reading what other testers report during the challenge. I am sure I’ll found new things I’ve never thought about.
  2. I am going to challenge myself not to use my first quick answers just to complete a task, but rather find something new I didn’t know before.

I will be updating this blog (possibly even this same blog post) as I progress with this challenge.

You are all invited to follow and share what you learn during this challenge.

And of course I will also be available if anyone needs my assistance.

Wishing all of us an enriching experience learning about accessibility testing.


P. S.

I did not officially launch this blog yet. It is supposed to be a blog about many different aspects of web accessibility. And it will be in Hebrew (with a plan to make it bi lingual one day). So I will be using this platform for my challenge reports in English, but just in case you wondered why it’s not all in English or without posts yet, that’s the reason.

30 Days of Accessibility Testing